Direct-to-consumer, order referral, marketing, logistics,
customer service, and ops powered by Cloudbar
built for the alc-bev industry.

What is Cloudbar?

Let us introduce the evolution of alc-bev customer journey

Cloudbar was built out of necessity; the mother of invention.

We provide omni-channel compliant transactions, marketing, data science, and customer services for the industry. We enable a proprietary friction-less direct-to-consumer like experience which increases the velocity of money between all parties.

Want to learn more?

Alc-Bev enters
the digital age

3Tier Compliant Transactions

Complete compliancy along the entire sales cycle. Customers and brands benefiting from a DTC like experience.

10x Velocity of Money

All parties benefit from expedited account receivables and payables

Data Driven Marketing

Own your data while we help you capitalize on market and channel opportunities using our proprietary AI.